Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to me??!!

I've always liked celebrating birthdays whether its mine, Garrett's, or other family members. It brings people together often for a good day of laughter and fun. This year I turned 27. My birthday was on a Friday and I had taken the week off from work to finish up all grad school homework. We laid in bed for a long time and Garrett pretended to stay asleep so he wouldn't lead on to the surprise he left me in the house! I went into the hall to turn the heat up and when I opened the bedroom door there were BALLOONS, STREAMERS, SIGNS, PARTY HATS, and CANDY waiting for me all over the house! What a fun surprise! It was so nice spending the day with Garrett. We laid low at home, watched some movies and ran a few errands. Garrett went off to work at 2 and I was home alone until my mom came over later that evening.

I am definitely my mother's daughter. We goofed off all night and she even came up with the silly idea to move all the decorations into different places around the house, all balloons were in the bathtub, the door streamers we put on his side of the bed! it was also mom's ides to hide from Garrett when he got home from work! Ha ha. What I didn't know was that my sneaky mother and husband had planned a family birthday surprise Saturday afternoon. HERE'S TO A GREAT YEAR BEING 27!

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